I am finished with the next round of edits and rewrites, so until I hear back from So New with some kind of “what the hell were you thinking?” bit of contact, I can chill and focus on a few articles and getting some things in order for the book tour end of things, which I’m really looking forward to more than I can say. (Just kidding about the angry phone call part. So New is swell.)

I was reading through my manuscript and realized that, to me, it is so obvious which song I was listening to in different sections of the text. Maybe I should offer a soundtrack with it? Ha ha, that’d be different.

This morning, I’m cleaning the house and listening to Air’s Moon Safari CD. La Femme d’Argent always reminds me of the Hill Street Blues themesong, which it shouldn’t, but does.

(One day I will wince at how much I just dated myself. Today I don’t care.)