So, here’s something. I just drove through a toll booth and, when I handed my dollar to the attendant, she paused, with my change in her hand, and said, “You know, you hear about all of the lady teachers having sex with their students. Don’t tell me they don’t watch pornography. You know they do.” She proceeded to launch into a tangent, claiming any woman who needed porn to “get charged up” needed immediate psychiatric supervision, that porn was practically creeping into prime-time, so it was no wonder women were becoming perverts, and, because it is apparently “women’s work” to keep men from becoming perverts, we (women) are turning them into even bigger perverts by allowing them to roam freely around porn, all while ourselves turning. Huh. She rephrased and repeated, again and again, all while holding my change in her hands. Finally, the gate arm was lifted, showing an open lane before me, the change was placed in my eager hand… and she launched into a repeat performance. I assured her she was probably right, she shouted that she knew she was, I smiled and hauled ass.