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A new look…

Hot damn, people! Amy Guth has a new look, thanks to Blueprint Design Studio. Blog posts appear intertwined with Instagram photos, tweets, videos and all kinds of things.  Spiffy no?

Video in which I talk about the Obamas busted via kiss-cam

From time to time, I pop in on our friends in the video department when an interesting video is floating around on social media. In this instance, video busts the Obamas on kiss-cam– first not-kissing then totally kissing. Allow me to narrate…

Watch: Obamas caught on Jumbotron “Kiss-Cam,” narrated by Amy Guth from Chicago Tribune newsroom

The rule of thirds in social media

This week’s ‘So Social’ column topic is about the rule of thirds in social media. It’s a simple concept to master, and one that will keep your social media use in balance. And, as always, for a weekly dose of easy-to-parse social media tips and ideas, visit

Read: The rule of thirds in social media by Amy Guth

Twitter chat how-to

Twitter chats are the topic at hand in this week’s Chicago Tribune ‘So Social’ by yours truly. In the column, I discuss how to properly participate in a Twitter chat and why they matter.

Read: How to join a Twitter chat (and why it matters) by Amy Guth, ‘So Social’ column. And, as ever, visit for archives of the weekly social media column.

Video in which I talk about auto-tuned Mr. Rogers

This week, I talked about the trending video of an auto-tuned Mr. Rogers in the Chicago Tribune newsroom. Nevermind how make takes it took to say “auto-tuned Mr. Rogers”…

Watch: Mister Rogers Remixed – Garden of Your Mind. Video: Amy Guth, Chicago Tribune

Social media safety

In this week’s ‘So Social’ column, I talk over some basic ways to keep your social media accounts safe and, specifically, what you can do to help yourself if you think your accounts have been compromised.

Read: 4 ways to help you recover your accounts by Amy Guth via Chicago Tribune’s ‘So Social’ column, and previous column: 7 ways to protect your social media accounts. As ever, visit for archives and a weekly dose of socia media tips and no-nonsense advice.

Social media safety and prevention

In this week’s ‘So Social’ column at Chicago Tribune, I talk about 7 super-simple ways to protect your accounts online. Next week, I’ll talk about a few other ways and what to do if your account does become compromised.

Read: 7 ways to protect your social media accounts via Chicago Tribune’s ‘So Social’ column by Amy Guth. As ever, see past columns and get a weekly dose of social media how-to at

UPDATED: Read: 4 ways to help recover your accounts via Chicago Tribune’s ‘So Social’ column by Amy Guth

Pinterest how-to and video

For this week’s Chicago Tribune ‘So Social’ column, I didn’t just write about Pinterest and stop at print, web and mobile. Nay! I went to CLTV and WGN-TV to talk about how to use Pinterest, too.

Read and watch: Pinterest: pinning your interests [+ video] via WGN-TV and Chicago Tribune’s ‘So Social’ column by Amy Guth

Social media savvy: a-ha moments

This week’s ‘So Social’ column is all about social media ah-ha moments, including the simple question that turned into the very best advice I ever heard about using social media.

Read: Social media “ah-ha” moments via Chicago Tribune’s ‘So Social’ column by Amy Guth. As always, visit for weekly social media tips made simple.

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